Libertad 1329 - Buenos Aires
(+5411) 4815.0005

Founded in 1991 by Fernando Samra, who from a traditional family of antique dealers in the market introduces a new concept, combining antique furniture with contemporary and antique objects, giving this venture an actual and eclectic character.

Established since 1999 in a classic petit-hotel at 1329 Libertad Street in the city of Buenos Aires, Mayflower offers various options in its four levels. Starting from the basement to the ground floor it concentrates all furniture and decor of contemporary character. The following two stories specifically contain antiques and works of art.

As a complement, over the last years Mayflower developed a corporate and hospitality products department and another area dedicated to export services focused in works of art, both addressing the specific needs of each sector.


Mayflower┬┤s export department integrated with professionally qualified personnel for the efficient and complete development of all the interventions required for your operations, with extensive experience in this field and an international client portfolio in various countries, such as United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Chile, France and Italy among others.

Mayflower is well known for the quality of their products and the outstanding state of delivery and maintenance of them. Furniture is not only valuable for its quality of origin but for the state of preservation; this is the reason for wich Mayflower has its own team of profesional cabinet-makers, restorers and upholsterers whom without altering the piece, grant their optimum state back.

At Mayflower you can observe the excellence in the decoration and layout of the ambiences . Conducted by Fernando Samra, these decoration services are among the most important, exclusive and solicited in the market. Together with important argentine architects, the decoration is taken to the extreme of the exquisite.

Having led important design projects with layout settings, furniture and decoration objects for renowned luxury hotels and cruises, Mayflower design leaves its imprint throughout the years, around our country as well as abroad.

Furniture and objects rental for film and photographic productions.

Bride and groom can open their wedding lists in Mayflower for available furniture and objects, along with appropriate counseling.
1329 Libertad St. - Bs. As., Argentina - (+54 11) 4815.0005 - Monday to Friday 10 am - 19.30 pm. Saturdays 10 am - 13 pm. January and February closed on Saturdays.